The Beauty of Maui


We first came to Maui 25 years ago when it was smaller and less developed, but loved it!  We were not able to return until 5 years ago, but have been back many times since.  We have stayed in many areas of the island, but fell in love with South Maui.  When we started looking for a vacation home, we knew we wanted the beautiful beaches and “laid back” island style of South Maui.  We found our Hale ikilani (beautiful small home) at Maui Parkshore this year, and love it.

We wish we could be here all the time, but that’s not possible right now.  So we hope we can find others who will enjoy this hidden gem as much as we do.

Welcome to our Maui!


A day on Maui can mean many things.  Turtles, mountains, ocean, surf, and sunsets

Welcome to Our Maui!